What your drink says about you

Malibu means- I’m a cheap night out and a whore in the bedroom.

Beer means- Oh I’m not going to make an effort, I’m one of the lads (let me touch your dick)

Whiskey means- I can hold my alcohol and I’m more of a man then you’ll ever be.

Vodka means- I’m going to regret this later when all my make up has smudged from crying.

Rum means- Maybe I’m a pirate, who knows? I wont remember shit tomorrow.

Desperados mean- I’m going to get wasted without even realising it, and it’s Monday.

Disaronno means- I hate the taste of alcohol, and I hate clubbing. Get me out.

Champagne means- I was really drunk when I bought this and can’t really afford it.

Red wine means- I’m going to attempt to be classier then I am, it also makes me horny, where’s the closest penis?

White wine means- I don’t really know what to drink so this will do.

WKD means- I’m twelve years of age and at a family party.

Cocktails mean- I’m out with the girls omg girls night love my girls.

Shots mean- I’ve had a shit week, I’m poor and I need to get drunk quickly.

Sourz mean- I’m a student.

Tequila means- There is no going back.

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