Just A Letter To Myself In 10 Years Time…

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Just A Perpetual Over-thinker...

Hi Connie, how’re you keeping?

I thought I’d right you a letter to remind you of a few things that are important to you, at least right now they are anyway.

You’re 19 (nearly 20) years old right now and just coming to the end of your second year as a undergraduate of psychology. You’re going to therefore be reading this at 29 years old and i’m hoping that your well on your way to becoming a Psychiatrist now.

Just before we start, i’m probably going to change from past tense to present tense quite regularly, which will make this perhaps a little incoherent, don’t be to hard on yourself about this, or get embarrassed, writing was never your strong point and we all have things that we could improve on…

So at this present time in my life I am coming to a cross roads, turning 20 highlights that…

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