Exploring your town as a tourist

I’m all up for exploring new places, I love knowing the history behind the cities and the fascinating stories, but I think we all seem to forget about exploring the town we live in. So on Saturday me and my friend decided to go around the town in a different perspective, as tourists. We saw some pretty cool stuff that I otherwise wouldn’t have known about.

The Bloody Mary memorial statue, located in the graveyard, this statue is a remembrance to all the victims killed by Mary around the area. Not only this but the graveyard was moved on top of a hill, when it rained the graveyard would flood and body pieces would come up. Gross but interesting!


Next we went to the local museum, we realised a lot of interesting stuff happened in our town, the peasant revolution led by Wat Tyler started in our town. The Anglo-Saxon bowl is one of the best found, they also found the oldest skull dated in our town, the real one is kept in a safe at the natural history museum, but still. They found another skeleton which is of a child of a Roman, as they used to bury their children under the kitchen. They’ve found so many incredible things and the museum is so small you wouldn’t even think of going in.


 We also went into a local gallery, which was really lovely, it’s voluntarily run, by people who really love and have passion for art. They weren’t pretentious or condescending, they wanted to talk about art, they wanted you to feel passionate about art. It was refreshing to see local artists work, to see modern and classic mixed together, to see young and old artists work together, no division, art at it’s best.
I had a fantastic time exploring my town a little more, and I’m definitely going to be exploring around me again, you don’t need to travel miles away to entertain yourself, you just need to look at your town with an open mind and a little research. Next I think I’ll be visiting the Bethlem Museum, I really recommend doing this, it’s so refreshing and makes you appreciate where you live.

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