Why I put the internet down

Not completely, but nowadays I like to put the phone down and not just whilst I’m asleep. Don’t get me wrong the internet can be an incredible place, to start petitions and bring attention to important causes that would otherwise go unnoticed. But alas, it also comes with negatives, like everything else in this world.

My first bad vibe from the internet was probably tumblr. There’s a lot more to it then the witty clever screen shots you see, and it has a particularly dark side. Anonymous hate, suicide letters, pictures of horrific things, and I get that for some people it is a way to release. It was too graphic for me, it made me feel sad and quite depressed myself, energy is contagious and when it’s all negative, it starts to take its toll. But the thing is, especially when you’re young and impressionable you think that’s what everyone’s doing and that’s the way life is, and not only that, but because of the depression you find yourself reaching for it more and more, trying to find someone who might be able to understand what you’re going through. (Trust me, a lot of people have been through it and it seems lonely but they know exactly how you feel), but because of this you become addicted.

I would spend hours and I mean hours, like 8-10 hours a day just scrolling through the dashboard endlessly. I’m not saying tumblr was the reason I was depressed, I’ve had depressive tendencies from a young age, but being so easy to see online didn’t help. It got to a point where I ended up going to the doctors because of depression, that I deleted tumblr. I knew that being exposed wouldn’t help and I needed to get away.

Since tumblr, I would say the biggest website is instagram, another website that I think can cause quite bad issues. Now most posts are sponsored or ads, not actual real life, but catching two or three pictures of their “typical day” kind of can make you question your entire existence. The perfect flower arrangement, the view from a helicopter. Now the people that lead those lives are very lucky, but it also sets an unrealistic view of life for younger people. Not that isn’t reachable, I’m sure if you work hard enough you can have it. However if you are working for money, and not because you love what you do, you’re living life wrong and those things won’t make you happy for long. We shouldn’t be using material things to inspire young people, and we shouldn’t be telling them that having material things is the only life worth living.

It creates a lot of pressure, people go out and buy products to take photos on instagram just to get likes. People lose their sense of worth because their picture didn’t get loads of likes or comments. We need to stop comparing each others lives, and stop competing for the better one, who cares if they got more likes then you? Who cares if the collaborated with your favourite brand, when we’re all dead who the fuck is going to remember? And who the hell would care? I’m sick of competing for likes and follows on any social media, if I get them great, but I’m not going to sit here and think I need to spend money on writing classes if I don’t. Enjoy what you are doing, if you don’t enjoy it stop.

Instagram in my opinion, is not a social networking site, but a very clever advertisement site.

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