Top 5 Things To Do In Brussels

  1. even if you’re not into politics, it’s a really good eye opener on how the EU was formed, why and what countries have joined. It also has a gallery of how all the different European countries were effected during world war 2. You also get to hear different EU members talk about their policies and how they feel about the EU. It’s completely free, and the surrounding area are full of lovely little cafes to rest and refuel.
  2. The atomnium was originally built for the world trade fair, somewhat a sculpture, somewhat architecture. A peculiar building, with a museum inside all about it, you can see this and mini Europe for $23, if you don’t like heights stay away, as you go pretty far up. However getting to the top pays off when you see the incredible views of Brussels. There are many galleries inside, not just about the history of the atomnium, and they also have a bar upstairs, so you can sit back with a glass of Belgian beer and take in the amazing views the city has to offer.
  3. The grand place, this is located right in the heart of Brussels, you walk through an alleyway and you see your first building straight away and it is breath taking, the hustle and bustle inside the square makes you feel giddy. All around you are these mesmerising buildings, the carving on the buildings are so perfect that you don’t even realise the town hall isn’t completely symmetric. The gold sculptures on the buildings are so vivid that they look brand new. On the other side there is a neo-gothic building, built for the King (though he never lived there) which is now home to the city of Brussels museum, where the original Manneken Pis lives. Spend the evening here, grab a waffle, a beer and take in the site (in the evening it looks incredible). Plus you can find Manneken Pis just a little walk away.
  4. If you’re a drinker visit the Delerium, with over 2000 beers, there’s one to suit everyone. The atmosphere is busy and aimed at a younger crowd, just on the right of it you will see the girl version of manneken pis. A personal favourite of mine was Delerium Red, a cherry beer, refreshing and light and far too easy to drink too much of it. Belgians are famous for their beer, it’s what they do best, and this the biggest beer house in the world, it’d be rude not to go.
  5. This seems obvious, but do a tour of the city. We went with new Europe tours on our last day, it was a fantastic tour, it was entertaining, insightful, and full of history and current affairs. we looked at the opera house, grande place, mannaken pis, royal square, the stock exchange, the cathedral, the tour finished with an incredible view at mont des arts, boasting an incredible skyline of Brussels and a beautiful garden to match.

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