Salmon- teaching journalists to read

journalists need to learn to read, not write.

A meeting with Audit Blogs has sparked a debate regarding the mainstream medias approach to discovering and writing stories. Salmon suggests that mainstream media needs to focus on reading the different forms of media now available to the public, if they want to keep consumers.

Salmon voiced that ‘reading is to writing as listening is to talking’ implying that the old media outlets are not keeping up to date with the changes that journalism needs. He goes on to express that online media has become a respectful source of journalism due to the fact that people are able to link in other stories, converse with the reader and give eye witness accounts of stories far quicker then the traditional newspaper. He discusses the fact that online journalists and can be made to seem “transparent” in their writing technique, making the consumer feel far more engaged with the event rather then a basic factual story printed in the newspaper.

salmon also regards social media as an important platform in the media industry, saying how people not only keep up to date with stories and trends but can also join the conversation and become a part of the media. something old school businesses are ignoring.

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