Media Monitoing: EU referendum

Monday the 9th, David Cameron, the British Prime Minister flew to Belgium to talk of a referendum for the UKs place in the EU. This week I will be looking at the different sources and angles the media portrays of the EU referendum.

The Guardian– A left wing newspaper, often read by teachers and libertarians.

Headline for article: Heckled by anti-EU protesters

The video shows anti eu protesters protesting in the middle of David Camerons speech, the two school boys flew over, set up a fake company and then chanted ‘CBI’ whilst David Cameron was in the middle of his speech. The Guardian didn’t make too much comment on the situation, but gave brief details of the boys and their protest. I assume that this story was put out quickly to start trending as there is no political opinion on the post.

The Mirror– Leftwing newspaper, predominantly read by women.

Headline for article:David Cameron should be ashamed of this ‘dodgy, deceitful and dishonest speech’

This an opinion piece, which is made very clear just by the headline. The caption under the photo of David Cameron reads ‘Look, there go my principles’ after he announces that statistics used in his speech may not be accurate.

claims the PM used fake statistics in his speech, puts his own opinion in there quite naggy, stereotypically made to be a tabloid article.

whch then followed on to The Independent writing an article about how the statistcs have been reported

The Telegraph– right wing

Headline for article: David Camerons welfare demands split Europe from East to West

The Telegraph use many quotes from different members of the EU to back their angle that leaving the referendum will split the EU. It seems to be the only article that goes in depth as to what the referendum means not just to the UK but to Europe as a whole. The structure is clear as is the argument, a really informative article, a very different approach then The Mirror as the journalist doesn’t voice his own opinion.

Although The Telegraph is known for being right wing, this article takes a back seat and is more of a reflective story rather then propaganda based.

It’s funny to see that some right wing papers such as The Telegraph, are not supporting the Prime Minister, it seems that they are not commenting too much, perhaps to stay out of trouble? Whereas the left wing newspapers are pretty vocal on their opinions of the referendum, they also mention that the Prime Minister may have used fake statistics in his speech, but for now, the right wing papers are yet to comment on that factor.

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