Media Monitoring 2

During the past two days the media has exploded with stories regarding the EU referendum.

The Independent

Headline for article: David Cameron EU migrant benefits figures blasted by UK Statistics Authority watchdog

The Independent also blast David Cameron for the statistics, with quotes from Sir Andrew Dilnot saying the release of statistics were ‘disappointing’ and ‘unsatisfactory’.

Jonathan Portes, director of the National Institute for Economic and Social Research “They appear to have taken the number of EU/EEA migrants claiming benefits from DWP data, made some ‘adjustments’, and divided by the number of EU/EEA migrants here for less than four years according to the LFS,” the Times newspaper quoted him as saying on Tuesday.

Which shows that even the right wing papers aren’t backing up David Cameron.

The article itself has a left wing approach, without being too bias. The Independent give the facts, although the angle is left wing they don’t use propaganda, but use quotes from professionals discussing the use of the statistics. However just by looking at the article you can see the type of approach the article is taking, as the top photo is of David Cameron with an expression on his face that may suggest he has screwed up.

The Mirror

Headline for article: David Cameron warned by EU chief over demands for reform of Britain’s relationship with Brussels

The headline itself makes you panic with the word ‘warned’ it’s obvious why The Mirror choose this word in particular as it is a left wing newspaper. The majority of people who want to stay in the EU are predominantly left wing.

This is not an opinion article, and is structures as a news story. The main element of this article is based on, what I presume, is a press conference with Donald Tusk, The EU Council President. They use many quotes of how he views the Prime Ministers demands, stating that they are ‘very, very tough’.

The way the article is wrote definitely makes the reader feel on edge. The use of language and quotes strategically makes the reader think about the prospect that Britain could actually leave the EU, or that David Cameron’s new demands might really effect the relationship Britain has with Europe.

The BBC– Public Broadcast Service, Neutral

Headline for article: EU referendum: Votes to be counted overnight

Now as a public broadcasting service, we know that the BBC are not allowed to be bias. This BBC article stays true to that, and there is no definitive angle on this story. This article is giving you key points of how the votes will be counted and when. The spacing of the text makes you read the article like it is in bullet points.

It seems to be the same organisations that are dealing with the coverage of the EU Referendum. A lot of the right wing newspapers aren’t covering it as much as they probably should, especially regarding the statistics.

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