Media Monitoring 3

The Telegraph

Headline for article: Tories plot against Cameron’s EU referendum plan

This article is talking about how members of the conservative party plan to reject David Cameron’s policies for a referendum. The telegraph definitely seem to be Eurosceptic. They do not seem to portray the Prime Minister in a good light. Including this article, they seem to be questioning every move he makes regarding the EU Referendum. It’s probably because it is a newspaper read mainly by right wing voters, and a lot of right wing people are Eurosceptic, and do not want England to be a part of the EU, and as David Cameron wants to be a part of it, and they are playing on this factor as they know the majority of readers have a certain opinion of the EU.

Sunday Express- A right wing newspaper anti EU

Headline for article: PM David Cameron faces ANOTHER EU defeat in House of Lords

This article says that David Cameron could be defeated by the House of Lords again. After many Conservative signed a Labour amendment to the referendum bill. This makes the Conservative party look weak compared to Labour. They also use quotes like this ‘“If we’re not careful we may find many Conservative voters feeling betrayed. They voted for us and not UKIP because they genuinely believed we would deliver.” Which is interesting because during the last election The Express actually backed UKIP to win. They’ve put this in because most of their readers are UKIP supporters. And members who voted for Conservative, will more likely come back to UKIP.

The Guardian

Headline for article: Tory press in EU referendum thoughtfulness shocker

This is an opinion piece by Peter Preston, he talks about how the right wing newspapers haven’t really identified the EU referendum story, because they don’t know which side to take. Some, such as The Sun were for leaving the EU, but now the conservative party have no clear agenda the right wing newspapers don’t know what to report. They seem to be keeping a middle ground on the subject to avoid being made to look like fools. He also mocks the right wing newspapers for this, using examples such as ‘The Sun bangs on about “hopeless stuff” on immigration; the Mail sees a “pathetic list of timid requests”. Every job figure, every immigration statistic, will be headline material for months to come.’

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