Career Plan Vol2

Although I am interested in the different roles journalists can have, I think that I have always liked the idea of being a service journalist. To be able to write lifestyle features that inspire people to get more out of life is something that I have always been passionate about. Although the security of being a staff writer is enticing, I think that for creativity purposes I would prefer to be a freelance writer. One of the main reasons I want to start a career in journalism is because of my curiosity, and to be a staff writer stuck in an office all day is not the reason I am driven to become a journalist.

I love meeting new people and exploring different opinions, so for me I think exploring new places, and meeting new people would be the best way for me to generate ideas for articles. For me I really like the idea of being a writer for features, although I would love to write for magazines and be published in that sense, I also really enjoy blogging and writing online. The reason I like blogging is because it is more creative as you are your own editor and you can use your own ideas. And that is where I think the future for journalism is heading.

As well as blogging I am also interested in video journalism, I watch a lot of YouTube and for me it is basically my TV, Some of my favourite YouTubers are Owen Jones, who also writes for The Guardian as an Opinion Journalist, and he usually talks about politically news, his YouTube usually is with interviews from different politicians so they’re really interesting to watch. I also really like Estee Lalonde who is more of  a lifestyle YouTuber, and falls under the category of service journalism, and she does some really interesting and different videos about life.

As a journalist, I think that relating to the Myers-Briggs Test I would describe myself as the sort of journalist who likes to tell stories, ‘The Storyteller’. When I write, especially online, I like to write as if I’m having a conversation. So for me writing with a human angle helps me to connect with the audience.

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