Career Plan Vol3


When it comes to my media diet I need to be looking at more alternative magazines, I am already subscribed to Oh Comely but there are still so many other magazines that can help me broaden my knowledge.

Other magazines that interest me and the style of journalism I would like to develop are Flaneur which is a really interesting magazine which focuses on writing about different streets in a really artistic and creative way. Another is PANK, which is quite a new magazine and is available online and in print, which also focuses on longer colour features, it also allows you to submit work onto their website, which the editor can then choose to put online, so it would be a great way to get some of my own work featured. Gigantic is another good one which is based in New York, again this magazine focuses on art and culture. The Inkling is also another magazine that fits this category, it is an online publication, which brings out an annual book of their best literature that has been featured online. Full Stop also focuses on long features, reviews and arts that are not as popular and tries to bring them to light. Guernica is another interesting magazine which focuses on arts and politics. I am a fan of reading and writing about both of these subjects, and I think the concept of bringing both of these subjects together is really interesting.

So for 2016 I will be looking at what these magazines feature and what skills they use to be able to make themselves original. As some of the online publications have submission boxes I will also aim to try and get some of my own articles featured on some of the magazines.

I have recently started to use Twitter more, as it is great for making connections, and seeing what other freelance and staff journalists are doing. I have recently followed more of these people, who work within the magazines I have spoken about, or  who’s work I really admire. I am also following the magazines I mentioned above.

I have compiled a list of the people I am now following, and a brief summary of what they do within the industry in order to give me some inside tips on how to get where I want to be.





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