Career Plan Vol4

So the next step is figuring out how to become that kind of journalist and what skills I need to acquire in order to help me reach my goal.

Firstly I think I need to broaden my vocabulary, as with most colour pieces, the words used are usually quite abstract and not used in day to day conversation so I think that finding new words to use when writing will help make my pieces become much more interesting. So a skill I would personally like to work on is writing well and editing well. Another skill I will need to practice is telling a story, as I like long form journalism, I need to practice how I’m telling the story by putting into practice momentum, imagination and humour. to keep the reader interested I really want to be able to put these skills into my writing. I also think that because I want to do colour pieces on arts and culture I would benefit from viewing more exhibitions and different forms of art to help with my creativity when writing.

For my options in year two I will definitely be choosing Specialist Journalism 1 and go into literary, long form journalism, as that is the type of journalism I personally love to read and how I would like to write.

I will also choose the module; Multimedia Storytelling and Production, and will focus with the online pathway  as I feel that a lot of journalism is moving online and choosing this module could help me as a freelance journalist.


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