Multimedia progress week 1 & 2

Our first session of Multimedia Journalism focussed on learning how to edit on Final Cut Pro and filming Vox Pops. After doing a Film and TV course for two years at college I found the editing relatively easy. For my Vox Pops I decided to gather footage and ask students what they thought of the government’s new policy to change student grants into loans as I thought it was a topical subject and would bring forward lots of different opinions. It was great to play around with the focus and exposure on the cameras, I also really enjoyed using Final Cut Pro and it was great to learn some more skills on there.

During the second session we looked at news packages and focussed on how they are developed which I really enjoyed. We watched Charlie Brooker’s: how to report news which is a fantastic two minute video about how all news stories on TV are produced in exactly the same way, with the same camera work. This parody of a news report – although funny and entertaining – was also very useful to watch as it highlights the techniques used by professionals in the news industry.

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