Multimedia week 4

This week we looked at lots of different documentaries which showed us the different types of ways documentaries can be filmed and the narratives they can portray to us. We also took our shots which we filmed during the week and made a short thirty second story using these shots and just location sound. I filmed mine when I went out with some friends in central, and thought I would try to capture the night life of London. We played around with the shots and I learnt to use some editing effects in Final Cut Pro which I think will be really useful when it comes to editing my final piece. I learnt to speed and slow down shots to add drama. Although I am happy with the story I captured, it has made me realise that when it comes to filming my final project there needs to be a lot of shots available to include to make it visually appealing. I found that a single shot that lasts longer then about five seconds can get quite boring and it’s something that I have to practice when it comes to filming my final project.

I also decided what my final product will be and have decided on making a news package about Student rent prices in London, and how the new student loan scheme could push students out of London.

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