Multimedia week 5

This week I finished off some of my vox pops for my final project and filmed some cutaways to include. I choose to do my final project as a news package and choose to cover how the new student loan will effect students from low income families. I’m really happy with my final idea and I think that my edit in final cut pro is coming along really well however, I want to include a fact sheet in my edit and I am struggling to find a template on final cut pro that looks professional enough, and therefore may have to rethink how I will display it.

We also learnt how to add background music onto our project whilst still having original audio to match the visual image. We learned how to enhance audio and I played around with the audio effects and managed to make my voice overs sound really clear using a voice booster and turning the volume up on some audio clips so that the audio is a consistent level throughout. We also learnt how to add text to our videos which is great for the news package as it makes it look much more professional.

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