Critical Review- Multimedia

For this assessment we could choose between three types of multimedia packages, and I knew from the start that I wanted to produce a news package. At first my idea was how London’s rising rent prices were swaying students from studying in London however, I found that some of the facts I collected were quite old and were not current. I changed my story to focus on how the new student loan policy will effect students and I’m really happy with the results. I thought that the facts I collected were substantial to the narrative, and the Vox Pops I collected portrayed just how hard the new policy would hit low income students.

I think that the cutaways and clips that I used in my package helped present my narrative although, because we did not have a tripod  and the weather had been bad, I found it hard to get clear and crisp shot and I should have taken out a tripod in order for the shots to look more professional. I did try to combat this by using an effect in Final Cut Pro which helps to stabilise the shots. there was also some problems with the microphone, which would go from mp3 to mp4 by itself which is noticeable when using headphones, however that wasn’t a lot I could do about this, I did try to make the audio in each clip match as much as possible using Audio enhancements and changing the volume in certain clips. I also added text on top of my images to help display the facts I spoke about in the voiceover, you can only use templates in Final Cut Pro to add text and as a result of this the text did not look as professional as I would have liked, therefore I wish I had had more time to adjust it.

Although my news package is only 2 minutes and twenty seconds long I think I included all of the necessary information to bring the story to life, I also went to Parliament Square to film my intro and outro, because I thought it would add a professional flare to the video. I think that my news story is current as there are still ongoing talks about raising tuition fees and prosecuting people who have failed to pay back their student loans. Although there are things I would like to tweak, I’m really happy with my final project and the skills I have learnt throughout this assignment.





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