Critical Assessment- Radio

I really enjoyed the radio part of this module. I found it made me start listening to podcasts more (mainly interviews). I have used Adobe Audition before in college, but I learnt different and more complex skills doing this radio assessment.

At one point in the classes we were put into groups to produce a two minute news bulletin, I found this task quite difficult. We did not get our feature done on time, nobody in the group had a set role. Although this workshop didn’t go to plan for me, I found it made me really appreciate the amount of work that goes into a radio show.

For half of our assessment we had to produce a newspaper review, I choose the story of Ben Innes the plane passenger who took  a selfie with the hijacker. I didn’t think I would find much difference in how different newspapers reported this story. However The Sun concentrated on Innes’ mothers reaction, The Times looked at other passenger’s stories, whilst The Daily Mail focused on how Innes may lose his job due to his picture.

The feature was the most difficult for me, I didn’t find anything that I wanted to cover at first, and by the time I decided what my idea was it was too late to get an interview. I do think the feature itself has a good base to it and that if it was played on a London radio show it would be effective. However because I was unorganised it didn’t reach the professionalism I would have liked.

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