How To Plan A Short Break On A Budget

As a student living in London I can barely scrape enough money together to buy a decent meal however, at the same time I’m very enthusiastic about exploring the big wide world whilst I’m young enough to not have any responsibilities.

Therefore, this means planning small trips away as often as I can, and the cheapest deals I can get my hands on. This usually means going in off-peak season, when I have a shit load of assessments due and I just want to put a bag over my head. Which as you can tell has led me to write this article, to help all you fellow students itching to get some sun plan a short break away with barely any time.

Me in Belgium, 2015


The first step is to plan, obviously. If you’re travelling to Europe check how much flights are, they’re usually pretty cheap but make sure you turn private browsing on when you look otherwise prices can spike. Another handy tip if you’re looking to explore Europe is to check out train or coach prices, they can be a lot cheaper than flights but it all depends on if you’re brave enough to do an 8-hour coach.

Coach (cheap but no sleep).


For accommodation use HostelWorld or Airbnb, both sites offer fantastic accommodation for reasonable prices, you can always filter and get the best match for your needs.

Calculate how much you’ll have to spend, for a short break 200 euros can be enough, which means a trip away including travel can cost as little as £250, if you choose to stay at a hostel. Also remember you don’t have to eat out all the time, of course you want to try the local cuisine (it’s the best part IMO) but bring some pot noodles and snacks with you so you aren’t spending 50 euros a day on food.

Find stuff you want to do! I always get inspiration from Pinterest, and there are always great links on top ten things to do, cheap things to do etc. Once you’ve had a look (note: certain things will pop up in each post, so if you’re really tightening the purse strings choose the ones that keep appearing in lists as your main priority). Make a note of everything you want to do and start organising (fantastic way to procrastinate), and find out where the nearest public transport links are and what time they open and close. After you’ve done this find out which places and events are close to each other so that you can see more stuff in less time. I used an Excel Spread sheet to do this, which is shown below, with dates and times, nearest tube stations so that I can make the most out of my holiday.

barcelona pic

After this you’re pretty much good to go, just remember your passport (Connie).


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