How to Save & Budget As A Student

Being a student is the first slice of freedom as an adult, and with adulthood comes responsibilities. As a student I can guarantee that you will feel poor 99% of the time. However, I can also guarantee that there are ways to not feel as poor, and save some money at the same time.

  1. Get a job. Don’t be that arsehole who complains about being poor at uni so everyone buys you a drink at the student bar, when you don’t have a job. Find a job, most universities will offer student jobs, in the shop or cafe and you’ll get some part-time work. If not, just start applying for a part-time jobs online, go for shops, restaurants or bars they will usually need some extra helping hands on a weekend. Bonus- if you find yourself working as a waitress, you usually get tips and service charge on top of hourly pay.
  2. Budget. I feel like most people, not just students skip this part and this is the most crucial. Calculate all of your spending for the month and then work out how much money you are earning each month. If you just have a student loan divide your loan by twelve for a monthly balance. Include everything you can and if what you’ve put down less than you’re spending you’ve obviously hit a problem (probably somewhere in Starbucks).
  3. Open a savings account, when I was over spending I decided to make a direct debit straight from my current account to my savings, I timed the direct debit to come out on the same day I got paid every month so that I would never feel like I was taking money away.

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