Top Five Things To Do In Barcelona

In April I explored some of Barcelona and these were my top five spots to visit.

Arc de Triomf

Obviously this is free to look at (bonus Jonas) and it is so cool, when you walk through there is a walkway surrounded by palm trees (all imported from America FYI) and there always street performers around to entertain you.

Casa Batlló

This is one of Gaudi’s buildings and this is definitely one of the most famous. If you don’t have the money to go inside, you can just enjoy it from the outside, but I recommend going inside at least one of his buildings. The views from the top are pretty bomb too.

Font Màgica And Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

So this place is totally cool and the views are insane, although it can get crowded it also feels really peaceful and calm. The view of sunset is beautiful from the top and you can see pretty much all of Barcelona. Buy a few beers and sit for a few hours, you won’t regret it.


NewEurope Tours

So I may as well be sponsored by these guys because every time I plan a trip away the first thing I do is see if this company does a tour there. The tours are “free” so you go along to to where they meet up and do the tour (usually around 3 hours) you get charismatic tour guides, a great history lesson and some of the best views of the city. Honestly check them out, if you enjoyed the tour you tip the tour guide, if you don’t enjoy it you walk away. But of course because you don’t have to pay they make sure you get the best experience so you will want to. Simple!

Park Güell

If you want greenery, architecture and magnificent views then this is the place to be. The park is huge and you could spend all day exploring it, gaudy features quite heavily here, as he also designed the park and built himself a house in the middle of it. You have to pay around €7 to look around Gaudi’s main design and see the infamous dragon (he was obsessed with the things) but it is so worth it.

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