Five Things I’ve Learned From University

As my first year at uni comes to end I wanted to reflect on the top five things I’ve learned at my time here. Fro the ups and downs, the beautiful and the ugly.

You won’t get on with everyone. It’s hard when you’re starting a life without mummy and daddy behind you every step as it. But then you also realise some people can be complete dicks, and you have to sit there and smile because all your mates “apparently” enjoy their company.  Everyone deals with change differently just keep your head up and walk away.


Being alive is god damn fucking expensive. Food, travel, kitchen stuff, clothes washing stuff, toilet roll, etc, etc. IT’S JUST TOO MUCH.


It is so different from school, you really do get better grades if you put effort in. Who Knew?


It can get real lonely sometimes. This is the worst part about first year, sometimes you find yourself alone all day and none of your flatmates are in or your friends. But if you can, push past it and try and start a hobby you haven’t done before, university offers you a lot of spare time, make the most of it.


You will meet some of the most interesting people whilst you’re here. Learning about other people’s cultures and lifestyles and sharing them with each other is an amazing thing to do, so appreciate every moment you get to do that and grab every opportunity by the balls.


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