Top Five Things To Do In Prague

Ahoj! Me again, last week me and my friend visited Prague for a few days and as I have done for most of my city breaks, I’m telling you the low down on what’s good in this beautiful capital.

I’m going to include a cheeky extra because I always talk about them I don’t want to include them in the five, but everybody NEEDS to know about Sandemans NewEurope Tours because they are the bomb. The tour is always full of interesting history, beautiful sights and friendly tour guides. Now that is out of the way lets get into the top five things to do in Prague.

Golden Lane/ Prague Castle

One of the main things to do in Prague is Prague Castle, for full entry into everything in the castle it is 350 koruna which is around £11. something to note about Prague is that it is incredibly cheap because it was a communist country not so long ago. Two of my top five things to do are within the castle, and they are Golden Lane and St Vitus Cathedral. Golden Lane is a string of quaint houses that seamstresses and other workers of the castle lived. The best bit for me was definitely the armour museum inside, if you love Lord Of The Rings or Game Of Thrones or anything to do with old battles you will love it. The collection of army is huge dating back to vikings and it’s a really fascinating part of the castle.

St Vitus/ Prague Castle

St Vitus is a beautiful gothic style cathedral and one of the only cathedrals I have been to that has quite a lot of paint work still in place. You can also go up to the South Tower in the castle for 150 koruna (£4) and see the cathedral from up top and some amazing views of Prague, (WARNING: If you are terrified of going down stairs like me, you might want to skip this one, it took me a while to climb down.)

Charles Bridge & Astronomical Clock

I’m putting these both together because These are good spots to see, but you don’ really need to hang around for ages. Charles bridge will offer you off you beautiful views of Prague and the Old Town Bridge Tower. The Astronomical Clock is the oldest working astronomical clock in the world. Although it is is beautiful the clock also tells a story every hour on the hour which isn’t as cheerful as you’d expect. You can find out what it’s all about here.

The Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum is around the same price as Prague Castle, Now this isn’t your usual museum, it’s not actually a museum for starts, most of the synagogs have been turned into small museums or rememberence. You start the tour off going into the oldest synagog in Prague, the rooms are huge and bare other than names off all the Jewish people who were killed. It than leads you into the Jewish Cemetery which was the only cemetery for Jewish people in Prague for around 400 years. The headstones are all cramed together and on top of each other because of the lack of space, the cemetery lies 12 layers deep to accomadate all of the people that lie there.

Beer Garden

Let’s end this post on a bright note.  There is the coolest beer garden in prague which sits on top of a hill with one of the most picturesque sunsets ever. All of the locals go there with beer and watch the sunset during the summer, if you walk up another five minutes you’ll find the beer garden, there are benches and benches for you to sit on, huge TV screens, beer tents, food tents and is full of interesting people to meet. Quite possibly one of my favourite hang outs ever. The beer Garden is located in the Riegrovy Sady.

So there it is my top five things to do in Prague, have you been to Prague? What was your favourite thing you did there? Let me know down below or on twitter at @leannemar

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