The Ten Best Feminist Podcasts

Podcasts are a craze that just won’t stop and if you can’t beat ’em join ’em. There are so many incredible women making the most out of this accessible media platform and using it to educate and discuss feminist ideas, and here are my ten favourite channels to tune in to for my daily dose of feminism.

  1. Ladies Who Lunch– The podcast is created by Ingrid Nilsen and Cat Valdes, they discuss everything from relationships to social norms. The podcasts are interesting as well as funny and come from a feminist view point.
  2. GirlBoss Radio– I read the book first and loved how empowering it is to see other women become successful and confident within themselves whilst promoting other women to do the same. Sophia Amoruso presents the podcasts in which she speaks to other girl-bosses around the world to find out life and business advice from experts in all different types of industries.
  3. Ted Talks– In particular Roxanne Gay: Confessions of a bad feminist in which she hilariously pulls apart the idea of being a perfect feminist. It’s a fantastic 12 minute video in which she talks about how she does identify as a feminist but still enjoys listening to rappers who consistently talk about fucking bitches.

    Roxanne Gay discussing her latest book Bad Feminist.
  4. Death, Sex and Money– Makes you question all of the choices you are faced with in day to day life and to empathise with ones that you have had the privilege to not have to. The podcasts are comforting and uncomfortable all at the same time.
  5. Woman Of The Hour– A podcast in which Lena Dunham brings different successful women onto the show, they discuss feminism in the work place and everyday feminism.

    Lena Dunham speaking at a conference.
  6. The Guilty Feminist– Sofie Hagen and Deborah Frances-White create a new comical podcast weekly discussing 21st century feminism and admitting their own “flaws” in their feminism.
  7. Black Girls Talking– Alesia, Fatima and Ramou discuss intersectional feminism, it’s very funny and opens your eyes as to how many black women are left out of discussing the sexist issues that affect them.
  8. Girl On Guy– Aisha Tyler, Also know as Lana from Archer, has a podcast not aimed at feminism but discusses all things “manly”.
  9. Another Round– Produced by BuzzFeed Heben and Tracy are firstly hilarious, they are also incredible to listen to and they can discuss just about anything. Grab yourself a double vodka and have a drink with them. (It’s not called Another Round for nothing.)
  10. Bitch Media– Release a new podcast every week discussing movies, books, TV and media in a rather bitchy manner (obviously).


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